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Judgemental Error

Been there done that. Age does make you wiser or atleast more receptive in terms of people behaviour and attitude. And just what these recent events got me this time and not just a mere thinker. So I rose up one level I guess.
The mysteries of being a human doesn't end anywhere. The multiple layers hidden in a single personality is quite perplexing in itself. Like always, I like to record my observations and when time allows I like to look back getting a fool proof validation everytime. This new heedfulness resulted in categorizing people into two kinds on the basis of being judgemental and assertive.
Let me begin with the very first kind, which presents itself as all powerful, all knowledgeable, is assertive on the basis of their knowledge which is to a large extent very true also yet in their knowledge, they have very little window to enhance it. They put a period on the subject that is done. This makes them closed minded. This leads to a superiority complex. And hence they judge e…

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