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To be or not to be like Water

The more I want to be like water, the more I analyze its character as well as the adversities it hides in itself. So far I was focussing on the exceptionalities. The calmness, the resilience and the adaptiveness. I have been envisioning to imbibe all of these for a while now. These are pecularities you need, to survive on without being afflicted or hurt. Yet, it is hard to be so flowy and accommodating, you will always be hit by hurdles. 
Somethings will always try to stop you. Yet when you choose to flow, you shall. When you flow, you put all yourself in. Then there is no baggage behind. You believe to gather yourself and go along all the time. But when you decide a life like that, in real world scenario, you shall only abide by yourself and be prepared to be dispossessed by most people to meet new ones and keep flowing. You shall hurt them and hurt yourself in this process. There will be attachments and heart breaks. 
Just as you touch water, you feel cool, you feel fresh, you quench …

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