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A Battle Inside

My idea of friends and friendship, if I have to define it in two words it would be “non judgmental”. We all have friends, of all sorts. I have made many friends over the years, some stayed with me, and some in my thoughts. In all these years, there had been just one single friend that my unconscious mind recalled time and again. My sister from another mother, my mind reader from miles apart, she has always been there.

Now that I have a lot of time to over analyze a lot of things, I just thought why is she so important to me? What binds us like that? The answer is right there in my very first sentence. She is non judgmental of my actions. She accepts me the way I am and she knows where I need to be stopped. And to me, if she says it, it must be true.Those who know me would know I wouldn’t write a letter of gratitude as a blog, well I could too. But nah, I am just going to touch that core matter of this entire monologue.
The crux that binds people in a relationship of trust is that th…

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