All Enclosed Within'

“In the long run, what matters is how much you are centered within.” I, like I always do, “wonder”, and this time I tried to look a few notches deeper into my own self to discover the existential importance of my alter ego. And I realized that it’s not just important to me rather it is my true self in the hiding. The thin line between sanity and insanity is what all this defines. 

Having read a few more books on philosophy and existence, including the mythological dramas from around the world, it stuck me how everything is so relatable and inevitable. The energies – yin and yang, positive and negative, dark and light, good and bad; why does everything exist in two parts? 

I always like to connect dots in my life; I certainly am a firm believer of destiny, a path that you choose to walk on. Talking of dyad, my constructive soul as well has two parts. Talking about them, I realized how destructive my alter ego can be and how it sometimes overpowers my sane self. It could have been the need of the hour; probably my own existence needed protection. May be it is my way to bounce back in friction. There is always a reason.  On my journey to figure out the aggression in my alter ego, I realized how much pacified my outer self has been. The bully only comes out occasionally to wave a hi, to say its there. 

Then I observed others, everyone has this hidden personality, and it usually appears when you are either very much at ease or super annoyed. Yet again the opposites appear here. This entire concept of opposites is all about balance. Not a hidden concept, but my own experience to this brought a lot of light to this fact. It started with matter, electrons-protons, the negative and the positive then there is also neutrons, the balance. 

There is always more fascination towards the negative elements and for some reason they are equally hyper active as well. Darkness is preferred more over a bright sun, aggression is considered more powerful than peace. Well such is life. A person’s alter ego is more photographic and entertaining to others than the normal self. Sarcasm has more audience to laugh at; criticism has more value than appreciation. Overall there is massive inclination towards this darkness. An obvious imbalance, yet it brings a strange feeling of content. And then there is the second part to it, of jealousy, suffering and impatience. All goes together inside.

Balance is the most tangible outcome of all doings. Let me rephrase this as an attempt to channelize the existing energy, to bring it to the level of supreme effectiveness. All our lives, we keep looking for this balance in life, in relationships, in work, in almost everything. Untutored about the fact, that it resides right within us. Everything, every action irrespective of its fiber, really has a balancing counter reaction. Things are just as simple as Newton’s third law. So instead of looking for answers outside, if we could just make honest attempts to look with in and suffice.  Just about being centered within.


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