The Eight Year Old Roomie

A sequel to The Four Year Old Roomie’;  Yes! four years have passed since then, we continue to be each others roomie without fail.
It is 2020, the epic year which shall be remembered in history. Meanwhile life is still growing and walking ahead. And so is my little one, not so little anymore though. The twists and turns of life remain unwavering as ever. 

She being she, continues to be over sensible for her age and me being me, continue to be as crazy as ever. We deciphered that we were the perfect combination for each other to survive together endlessly. Ofcourse, the last four years has had some impact on both of us. Changed environments, changed behaviours, preteens, from a preschooler to a primary class student, things are more verbal than physical now (the fights, I intend to highlight). Her kindness and grace has risen for sure while my coolness and not so mommy traits have become obvious to her. 

The daily struggles of her being running away from home works and mine that of working from home have just added that missing punch to our lives. We continue to have our tiffs but to me, an ageing old hag, she appears to be more of my emotional support and strength, more than anyone else ever in life. I sometimes wonder where did she get such an insight on reading me so well. 

Over the couple of years, and of course the harry potter build up got me to coin the phrase “horcruxes of my life”. Some more than a few, not because she was born out of my sweat and blood, but because she etched her way into my soul and took a part of it. She keeps it safe for now. The next four will show me more about this. While she remains a keeper, a non judgemental roomie, always helpful, sometimes extremely messy and wrecking the nerves of my brain, she is still very cool to be true. 

We continue to hang out the same way, prepare meals for each other, make sure we keep each other sane by spending time together, while maintaining the personal space needed. Surprisingly, we bonded over Harry Potter, Gilmore Girls, Teen titans, and Hotel Transylvania remains our all time favourite. Movie time is part of our weekend spills. 

Sometimes we just lie down on the bed and talk. She shares her stories and I, mine. We always have a lot to talk about. Over the years, we have developed that bond of understanding one another without words, this was inevitable as both of us are miser with vocal words but does she write too? Hell yes! She writes better than I do. She is the roomie I look up to. Sometimes she even helps me out in my creative tasks. She’s my go to person for now. She is my inspiration. 

There are days, when we are both bored and dull, we put on some music and dance till we drop and then we begin our favourite part of acting our favourite scenes. We cheer each other up and boy, she is fun. We are the ones who keep rest of the public at bay when we are together. It is always good to come back home to such a relaxed roomie, who can actually play a piano to soothe the environment. 

I sometimes wonder what would be her version of me as a roomie. Feelings between two people are usually mutual but the way we put them up on board is different, how one prioritizes is personal. This year will remain memorable for all the other things it has offered or taken away but the best remains this bonding that strengthened beyond being broken now. Roomies for life!


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