Judgemental Error

Been there done that. Age does make you wiser or atleast more receptive in terms of people behaviour and attitude. And just what these recent events got me this time and not just a mere thinker. So I rose up one level I guess.

The mysteries of being a human doesn't end anywhere. The multiple layers hidden in a single personality is quite perplexing in itself. Like always, I like to record my observations and when time allows I like to look back getting a fool proof validation everytime.
This new heedfulness resulted in categorizing people into two kinds on the basis of being judgemental and assertive.

Let me begin with the very first kind, which presents itself as all powerful, all knowledgeable, is assertive on the basis of their knowledge which is to a large extent very true also yet in their knowledge, they have very little window to enhance it. They put a period on the subject that is done. This makes them closed minded. This leads to a superiority complex. And hence they judge everyone on the same scale. The judgements are often based on jealousy, competence, fear of being overpowered, and ofcourse in the end we are all humans, and fear being not loved at all, no matter how much we try to camouflage this emotion.

Such people are often rigid, inflexible and narrowminded. They seldom follow others and rarely show warmth, as such acts would directly attack their ego. On the face of it, they don't have much of an ego, but it is only to prove their point, they drift towards the rude side of themselves. And lastly, they tend to take the world in mostly the same stride as they send it across. Hence, rudeness prevails in perceiving all judgements.

Now here, being judgemental isn't a bad thing. We have to judge before we act else it could lead to enormous chaos. It's also a harsh way of stating sensibility. What is not pleasing is the fact of being a shallow judge, discrediting for color, caste and creed.

The second category, still highly assertive, who are mostly less aggressive as compared to the first one and are mostly driven by their instincts. Their knowledge is what empowers their instincts which validates their assertion. Their confidence comes from the way their heart pulls them to other people and things. Such people are also very emotionally connected and often emotionally insecure. They are more prone to hurtful remarks and misunderstandings. Yet, they survive on their instincts. Their judgements are not based on any kind of feelings, they are plain intuitions. They perceive the vibes and energies the world exuberates and follow on the path. Their is very little vested interest, mostly none. And since their approach is more psychic than proven, their credibilty levels are very less. Only the true believers in them, swear by their judgements. The exchange of energies are so strong that they never miscalculate vibes related to relationships especially. They are seldom touched by small reactions and possess slightly higher level of tolerance. 
Having said that, the second ones are more centered towards the exchange of energies rather than facts, which does lead to successful results.

The former often seems as a bully and rude while the latter is perceived as weak and feeble. Although both are right in their own respective ways, only less detrimental when kept far away! 


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