Catch the Ape

What a perfect way to start the day, just pick up the daily newspaper supplement and you have it on your face, that sarcastic sheepish smile when you read, “Jesus doesn’t say you can’t show cleavage”- Rakhi Sawant. Next in line is a jerk posing nude for publicity and yet another so called guru teaching naked yoga in US. Then comes new reality TV show-buying people to sell their lives for a petty sum.

“Ape the West”, we have been hearing this damn quote ever since we were kids. Has nothing really changed since then or are we really the “ape” to not understand the repercussions of aping?

As it is relations are losing meaning in this so called country of “Sanskriti” and “Sabhayata”. I really surrender for failing to understand the message these reality TV shows on infidelity, being copied from those controversial serials of west, want to convey the countrymen. Is it to stop trusting your beloved, go berserk over petty issues, lose your patience and give up on the virtue of forgiving? Weren’t we grown up learning these ethics to follow for life or were we simply cramming all that to pass the “being good in front of parents” tests.

Nobody is perfect but we do have a heart, a mind and a self-conscience. Can we not think atleast once before speaking and look before leaping? Is it really that difficult? I guess it’s the lack of almonds that we dint have, causing the trouble.


  1. Yo Adi! As I said thats a very Adi post! Vry interestingly written..I am so glad u ve started this- mera bhi dil kar rha hai blog shuru karne ka! Now be regular with this one and treat us with a post every day! Sunday ko 2!!
    Now I better go n find some badaam in the kitchen ;)

    PS: kya fotu hai boss!! bhut he mast..mereko ye foto bhej de plz..I will get this printed n put it up on somewhere in my room :)


  2. Dear mehko...

    yeah u better start writing as will be fun..our old plans...hehehhe remember...
    will post another one soon... :P
    and as far as the pic....i have loads to say hehehhe bt then lets nt get personal here... :P


  3. Makes lots of sense..This is so you,Adi!!
    I know u strongly feel about many other things..I think you should write a book..Well that wud be a long term plan..
    Do write more like these..will be waiting :)))

  4. thanks :D
    next one is on its way!!! :D

  5. Oyeeeeeeeee wot story behind the pic..m f course calling you up today!!!

    Ohhhhh our plans...f crse I rememeber!

  6. realy very intresting vs a pleasure reading them................keep it up dude


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