Someone Just So Special!!!

You say you like someone, then you say you have crush on someone, and then there are some whom you just like all the time of your life but they are not your crush, not your beloved, neither your best friends.
During the journey of life, we keep bumping into people of all sorts, style, manner, genre and psyche. We befriend some; we fall in love with a few and some just go by as “Wow! I like him” and then you forget them the next day.
There is one more classification. There are some people you simply like throughout your life without much expectations. This liking is so mutual, you are utterly comfortable with this person, you enjoy talking, sharing; you build a great level of trust with each other; and things never change between you two. There is an unambiguous alliance, based on trust, care, admiration, and respect, that institutes a mutual affinity which continues forever.
You get into relationships, you break off, you make new friends, you party with your childhood best friends, and yet that special person always exists, he walks parallel to your life, he stays there as your strength, as your well wisher.
He would be happy for your success, sad for your failures; lend you a helping hand, give you a smile to cheer. There isn’t a constant conversation that goes on. It is simply the mutual liking that you always share, which brings you two closer with all the limits intact. As a matter of fact, you don’t even wish to cross those boundaries because you are so happy with the mere presence of that person. The entente continues to flourish while life persists.
Everyone has a reason for his or her presence in your life. But something’s are unreasonable, beautiful, and most valued because they are beyond the control that our mind has on our heart.


  1. adi really gud one :) i must appreciate ur thoughts.. Adi Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hey this one is the best. keep up the effort.

  3. adi
    this is one the most thoughtful writing i read in a long time. and i find it so true. someone so close yet no name we can/shall give to tht relationship. i can so relate to this.

  4. That's really nice to hear that varun....
    We all can relate to this I suppose.... Some people just stay special no matter where life takes you :)
    take care. :)


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