I wanna see the Real India

“The real India”, its quite agonizing a phrase for a true Indian to hear. What do people really intend to mean while using such a phrase? Are we living in an Unreal, Imaginative wonderland? Is it that we are fantasizing everything and the REAL India is in the slums?

Most People across the world, including some of the (Non Returning Indians) actually enjoy pitying every bit of anything in India that has an ugly sight. Pity is such a condemnable expression, no human has any right to pity the state of another human. Its for those narcissist, pompous people who benefit publicity by using such a pitiable expression of “Pity”.

“Real India” – its not the Taj Mahal, The Red Fort; its not even the Slum (dog millionaire); its not its democracy and politics. Real India is a dream come true for a billion, it’s a mixture of multilingual, multi-religious, multi-coloured people who live happily together under the same roof, despite hardships and failures. It is the beauty of various cuisines, cooked from a potter to a politician’s home. It’s the patience and acceptance and a never dying spirit to fight.

“Flawed”- yes we are, but who isn’t. God din't make us all equal, even identical twins aren’t despite being called “Identical”. With each day, each sunrise, we work hard to build a nation. With 3.33crore Hindu Gods, Allah, Jesus, GuruNanak Devji, looking at us, how can we afford to be “God Daring”.We trust the divine power and follow the path of eternity.

India, without hiding its ugly realities, has earned a commendable status amongst the very famous and most progressive nations. Its high time, foreigners start respecting developing nations as for the developed ones, growth has become stagnant, and growing up in this era definitely has an edge.

So watch out when you say, “I want to see the real India” next time. As neither do we buy pity nor we give. I never said, I wish to see the real A****** - The Dumb A****** - did I?
You are always Welcome to India!!!!!


  1. real india is realy like these above said words mixture of everything khushi and gum!!

  2. For Sure :D and thats life!

  3. Very well written blog...

  4. Simply AWESOME. I feel it’s the “REAL” blog. LoL...
    Nice work.

  5. no human has any right to pity the state of another human. : Thumbs up! You aren't my best friend for nothing :)
    No wonder you are such a fine human being!

  6. no human has the right to.....i loved that part too


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