Confessions and Contradictions

Here’s a list of confessions that we all make at every moment of life. Along with, are the contradictions that hover the mind.

Confession #1: I hate to CHANGE MYSELF.
Contradiction #1: Change is the only constant Phenomenon.
If changes don’t happen life becomes monotonous and boring. The question is why do we fear change so much? If we were to change, must be for self-amelioration. It’s always hard to accept changes. Especially the major ones that life throws on us.

Confession #2: I want FREEDOM.
Contradiction #2: We all have freedom of speech, of expression, the basic rights, all within the barriers of our culture that we individually follow.
But here’s a turn. We are still not free enough to take a plunge into the wickedest and yet dearest of things that we wish to do. There is a thin line between being selfish and being free. The fear is we never know when we cross that line and behave selfish than being free.

Confession #3: I know what you are THINKING.
Contradiction #3: You can never ever judge what’s cooking up there in the head of, be it the closest person you have. It is impossible to really read the mind.
Probably, you can do this once you have overpowered your thoughts and can control the working of your own mind. Make it so flexible that it can actually fit well into the others mind and read it and come out without tussles. This seems almost unachievable.

Confession #4: I don’t EXPECT anything.
Contradiction #4: Expectations never die. In one way or the other we always put the world to test; to know how much should we deliver to get the least suffering.
The truth is, its just escaping the tormenting effect of dejection, of facing the hypothesis of what ifs. These fears camouflage themselves and stay undercover in the name of “meh-sayer”.

Confession #5: I wish I had more TIME.
Contradiction #5: Time - is always as much you want to spend. It is never more or less. It passes by at its own steady pace.
All we got to do is just utilize it the way we want to. Ironically, we waste it here and there and then regret and wish for some more time. Time flies, it heals the pains, engraves the memories, makes you shed tears and brings back that smile.

All the irony enclosed, we continue to make these rearrangements overlooking the variance.


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