The Influence

Often we find a similar trend in two people conjoining for a nuptial bliss or even before, while they are betrothed or termed as a couple. A major segment of the mind revolves around the likings and disliking of the partner. The brain is shielded by the partner’s perception and the actions are thereby stemmed accordingly.
I would be too prejudiced to call this as self-ignorance but I do feel that somehow the influence of one of the two is so strong that it overshadows the other’s psychology.

I have always been a very equality conscious person. Never made attempts to let anyone down or show things off, irrespective of the biases that exist. And with this uncanny and random observation I was flustered. Rather panic stricken on knowing the impact on the persona, creating imbalance unintentionally.

The usual targets are the petty things when there is always an explicit expression of strong liking and disliking to which the other easily concedes. The impression is intense enough to make the other’s view as your sight. And over the time, you become so habituated that every action and every response is in accordance to the needs and perceptions of the other.

The expression forms a great platform for communication, but it shouldn’t be misinterpreted as the final word. They are flexible enough to be molded just as the thoughts are vulnerable enough to be explored.

My idea here is not to create uneasiness in relationships. It is only to bring to light a phenomenon in which you are so overpowered by a particular person that by the end of time you lose your own grit. I wouldn’t be wrong to conclude such a behavior as aggrandized dependence on specific someone.

To an extent, I believe it is great to have an added perception to your already prevailing ones. It does in many fold brings about a balance in the overall opinion, and might as well complete you as a thoughtful person. The level of understanding improves and there is room for enormous growth. Of course there are positives involved, which tempts for such deference. And here, when the limit is crossed, it may turn into a disaster. The dominance devours the admiration and acceptance; more so turning things sore at both ends. The epoch yields into a mutiny when the rebel inside is provoked.

Being complaisant, submissive, or simply sharing the alter ego are a few commendable traits that are seldom found in the crowd. But for how long can people hold on, as the strata of patience, which are now void of their existence, unfold with each act of docility.

This is where space and liberty come into play. There has to be a free will to consider about your own self; to not cross the lines between selfishness and freedom, but to discover the difference and be pliant to them.


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