Binary Mapping

Duality of mind is a very common syndrome that prevails in cent percent phenomenon. If you actually ponder over any proceedings, you are sure to find yourself sailing in two boats. Without much hesitation, and along with a blatant expression, one of the two deliberations wins. And this contemplation decides the future of your better or worse.

This double mindedness really slaughters you from inside and you are stranded vulnerable to ineptitude. Difference of opinion, a wretched list of pros and cons, an ordained submission, and an entirety of indissoluble buoyancy; make a mincemeat of the finesse of resolution; changing the definition of being a decision maker to a perplexed puppet.

However difficult it may seem, the end road to success is a tour de force. Not a very planned journey, but well equipped for sure, making every gray cell stretch to its optimal limit. The sacrificial staging is nothing more than a charade that mocks at the ingenuity and uncertainty of the consequence.

It is more of a heart’s role-play than that of the mind or circumstance. A thought that instigates the rebellion is a prototype that symbolizes the soreness that so far existed. Once we unravel the gravity of seriousness, only then the heart takes a sigh of peace and the rebel resigns.

It is with the mind that the heart plays a game of “confusing the hell out of you”, and by the end it is always the might that resides inside, wins. Irrespective of the ethically correct catalog, the show ends in the name of a justified coordinate of wisdom and realism.

Striking this chord is the act of realization trodden down the path of shambles. Once equipoise of continuity is attained, the instinctual flow drives the chariot of life. Then and there the carousel of doubts yield to a sustainable sanity.


  1. Nice...and really liked the game what heart plays...and now your blog has really gone to a next level...


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