Ground Reality

Thoughts! The mind never goes to sleep. The clock inside is always tick ticking without interruption. Random thoughts, random situations transpire at every moment. Mood swings aren’t always the upshot of external influence. It is mostly a domination of all contrasting views coupled with overanalyzed predicaments.

The imbroglio seems vicious and tumultuous especially when one ponders over the wreck within. This muddle cruises around crushing all the pre-existing inceptions. The wrath occurs once the fugue state becomes formidable. There is resistance, an upheaval of merciless pessimism that always hovers around.

This is such a delicate situation that you are precisely on the verge of a break down. Every emergent notion frames you in null and void when you can’t think beyond. It’s a catch-22 situation. You either have an emotional outburst or the lava gets accumulated inside.

The outcome, though is a varied synopsis taken from anatomized cognition of every single call made to the mind. Ironic, however, is the response made to such a phase. Calmness personified are those sublime, rather more majestic days. We don’t shirk to boast about the bliss in agony. And there knocks the door, the most uninvited guest of all times, vexed is the situation and patience takes a back seat.

Anyhow, the price has to be paid. Let me get you all to contemplate a bit here. Considering the callous and digressive path of life, if somehow, at every step, instead of taking a leap, we dive into these extreme tornadoes only with the courage to face them. If an attempt is made to sink in so deep that thoughts shatter when the last root is clinched. Would that justify the plunge if the journey back home, may not be a coup but a conquest well trekked? What is there to lose in any case? It is all an effort to make easy the task of self-introspection. The brighter side would be a tissue of well-structured paraphernalia.


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