Rearranging Rudiments

There comes a time in everyone’s life when changes just happen. Pertaining to this, people calibrate their ideologies and principles in accord with the existing conditions for a better survival. I recently realized that life is all about revamping and remodeling the structural design of dictates of conscience while keeping the foundation of ethics intact. More so, sometimes you just have to redesign the entire framework.

Like everything else, there are two coexisting hypothetical designs – THE IDEALISTIC and THE REALISTIC. I have come a long way following the former path. Being one, I have been advantageous enough, so far, in imperative milieus. It has been a gratifying journey, discerning the higher perspective, playing the odd role of a comprehensive preceptor. There may have been times of failure, of distress and gnawing dejection. Then again the ideals help in fighting back and standing up.

Now, a realist is nothing but a practical idealist who can foresee the unworkable or rather loosely held ideas and margin them to a corner seldom accessed. Time, the prodigious and unfathomable ploy, designed to reckon the idiosyncrasies of every individual, serves us with a platter of ideals. This platter gives us the opportunity to inflict the pre-existing chimerical concepts. Sometimes we add a few and at other times we simply drop the burden of some of those old tenets.

The thin line that defines an idealist and a realist is this choice of revising the self-imposed notions. Many a times it is the result of a circumstantial riposte that one succumbs to the strain. And for those who endure to their mental surveillance without tampering the parity, it is the path unfurled. Exploring such a trajectory is definitely exciting and those experimental souls don’t fear to take a plunge at least once. The bearer risks a lot yet achieves more than imagined.

It is technically a rearrangement of the mercurial rudiments lying inside the cerebral den. Whence the verdict follows, so does the procurement.


  1. heyy!!just stumbled across your blog
    nyc blog..

  2. Hey! Thanks so much for going through the blog.... :) :)

  3. Wow Aditi!
    Our NetApp girl has a RAID which i wasn't aware of till now.:)


  4. Lol... NetApp had an eternal impact i guess ;)


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