Travel Smart

Exploring new and different places extensively adds a new horizon to the thought process of a being. The major breakthrough comes as we converse with the residents, understand their culture and behavior, imbibe the diversity of their environment in our daily lives. Being a smart traveler, thereby, is of prime importance.

Ofcourse, traveling light is the foremost task to be done. A simple backpack, which can hold the basic necessities and belongings, is sufficient while traveling. Many foldable bags are available these days that can be added to the accessories in case you over shop and then need extra space to put in your stuff.

Besides, here is the list of dos and don't s that require considerate attention.

With google, there is a possible answer to every travel query. An ardent traveler will always study well and gather all the necessary information about the place one is set to explore. This makes the expedition more exciting as a little information enthuses an urge to learn more about the place. That’s when we begin to prepare ourselves to tour the region.

Communication binds various people and diverse cultures. Though it is evident that exchange of thoughts and ideas need no particular language, still it is better to have a handy book on local language. This is simply to ensure that our experience is in the proximity with factual and real occurrences.

Long walks and trekking are sometimes indispensable and unavoidable while traveling. It may happen that someone recommends you a food joint and you get lost while looking for it. Hence, a comfortable pair of sport shoes or walking shoes is essential while traveling.

For vegetarians like me, it is difficult to try out every delicacy for which the place is famous. Keeping some handy snacks that can be easily preserved for a long while such as almonds, cashew nuts, biscuits etc along with traveling cups and glasses make the journey easier. An empty stomach triggers cravings and irritations. Keep those at bay while you are busy exploring the world.

Shopping, for shopaholics or even for those seldom buyers is a definite stress buster. As you look around the market, sometimes cheap and sometimes expensive, you are compelled to buy atleast a few good things. Carrying the right amount of cash is imperative. The best possible division one can use is carry sufficient cash to pay for mineral water, eateries and some cheap shopping including the tips, and keep it safely in a pouch that you carry at all times. Second, one must carry traveler’s cheques. They make the travel hassle free, as you don’t have worry about losing the cash. Moreover, you can also use them as the buffer currency. Thirdly, the use of credit cards, for international visits, they are sure shot lifesavers, especially when you go over budget.

Since unscrupulous and illicit activities take place everywhere, it is always safer to carry your identity proofs. Always keep a copy of your passport and other IDs in every baggage that you carry. It makes more sense to keep the originals in a small passport pouch that stays closer to your body. You can also deposit your IDs at the hotel you check in. But preferably keep them with yourself.

Plan the itinerary well. The outcome of any trip is closely dependent on the itinerary you follow. A well planned and carved journey is always more meaningful and memorable.

I have heard a lot of people complaining about the hotels they stay in. With everything available on the net, it is far easier to find out about the hotel you have booked. Ensure to read the reviews before finalizing the bookings.
Need not be the last one but an elementary prerequisite while traveling is to carry your chargers and a world travel adapter. A cellphone abridges the communication gap, a camera captures the beautiful memories forever and your ipad or ipod can turn the travel time absorbing.

I hope your journey now becomes more organized and more fascinating. Happy traveling.


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