The Silence Breaker

I defy an individual who hasn’t atleast once dug his nose or scratched his balls or even adjusted an undergarment especially in the presence of a countable audience. I know it is quite an unpalatable silence breaker but I couldn’t resist mentioning this affair as I sit amongst the educated and observe a straitlaced young man digging his nose (albeit, the view is obnoxious).
Regardless, brooding on to the labyrinth of such social yet lamentable maneuverings, for the sake of commiseration, I classify it into a degree of sophistication. A rickshaw puller, a washer man, or any locale as we call him ‘Bhaiya’ or ‘Chotu’, under this degree, would care the least while making way for comfort. While the top hierarchy prefer to sacrifice comfort in the darkest of times for being under the clause of self-conscious discomfit. Code of conduct, as they have learnt over the time, refrains them from explicit insalubrities.
An obvious contemplation carries forward this conversation to the rise in the fall of immunity. I wonder, whether this self established degree of sophistication has eventually resulted in lowering our resistance towards those natural occurrences. This accidental inoculation against chagrin may have actually prompted us to highlight these very personal miscalculated errands. Does that in any sense establish the relationship that sophistication is directly proportional to sensitivity and indirectly to immunity?
The answer lies in the prioritizing power of the brain. It is when you prioritize your comfort, immunity and sensitivity. During a bad stomach day, I guess it would be better to pass that bubble of gas rather than holding it back, keeping the dramatic upper crust at bay.
Let the diamond diggers continue with what satisfies them while I take a plunge into a sweet ‘snoreful’ nap (Shhhhh….people around ;))


  1. hahaha....well yeah...just prioritize your actions..and you will be in your comfort zone at no cost..good one..:)


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