Time after Time

Back in the 80’ s and 90’s, life was so much different. So much more convivial and social, everything mostly revolved around “each other”, “we”, “our”. There was tremendous zest and zeal about life. There was a lot more trust on the streets and a profound sense of brotherhood within. I still remember spending the new years night watching DD1, with its really creative way of imparting knowledge with entertainment. It was simple and so mollified. There were social gatherings every now and then. What we called the idiot box was the biggest invention of that era that not only brought the family members together to watch their favourite serial but also the neighbors and the whole “mohalla”.

Life has become so mechanical, so individual now. We don’t even think about the second person living with us any more, neighbors and society are far from existence. The “internet” has replaced the idiot box.

There are always two sides of a coin. Definitely, we are more aware today, we have more knowledge at our doorsteps; we have more ways to stay in touch. The darker side still, is unfortunately really depressing. We have almost no one to keep in touch on the other side; the knowledge is used in tits n bits, with the least that can be applied to the daily chores; despite awareness, we are still blinded. We say we are going ahead but there is no destination, we are simply running amidst nowhere.
It hurts to say those happy faces in a single family have become individual identities chasing the rat race. Ignoring the people living next door, we look forward to those who are miles apart. We have the room full of gadgets yet life is so lonely.

We Indians have always had a different style, perception about life. It’s unique and natural. We have always been progressive post independence. With meager resources some two or three decades back, life was worth living. It is sad that people are losing trust amongst each other. Family, marriage, and friendship all these beautiful relations, which were considered sanctimonious, are mere responsibilities that we feel forced to obey. We have more strength today, but less rooted and lesser happy.

In a hope for a happier and brighter future, I wish to look forward to simplicity and contentment.


  1. Impressive blog...I really liked the way you portrayed the whole thought into words. Going great. :-)

  2. I wonder how u always steal my thoughts and portray them in such a beautiful way.
    going great.

  3. This is so damn true!!
    Really good I must say!!


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