When things go wrong.....

Deep inside when fear dawns on you, when darkness engulfs the subconscious and composure breaks into a million pieces, you are exposed to the ignoble mien alive in you. Seldom can anyone escape such ignominies when you are literally tied down as a victim of circumstance. Spirit swivels around in oxymoronic strands leaving behind nothing but inconsistency and lethargy.

Lethargy, the root cause of that sudden dearth of cognitive self, strengthens the weakness within and worsens the spasm of failure. The pain is excruciating, rather self demolishing. The search of structure that existed begins. Seemingly clueless reasons of this alter ego are penetrating and unsparingly. Yet there is hope, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Just a mere change of attitude, a slight reinforcement of substance and the synergy of mind and soul can capitulate the satirical inertia. Not easy though, the manipulation of such an overhaul can leave its harrowing marks on the already pierced wisdom. Might ought to be followed to taste the essence of glory. Precisely as the dying soul yearns for a drop of life, a disintegrated condition yields to an open mind. Fixations and inhibitions trigger angst and panic. The tactics of triumph can be unveiled with the unprejudiced receptive wand held within the cerebral cortex.

When things go wrong, just reconcile the respected navigators of life – thoughts and instincts. Indolence and apathy epitomize the pain of wounds. Fortitude integrated with buoyancy wins over the collapse.


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