Glory smiles on courage, wit climbs on intelligence, and success holds on hard work. Metaphorically, life ends in wedlock. There are a few sublimely romantic parties who enthusiastically sign-in this life long MoU; and there are some for whom the idea sends chills. Repetitive and cumbersome, how so complicated may be the procedure of finding your mate, it is still the most desired accomplishment.

The normals, find it exciting, their optimism is motivating and they soon settle with the basic tick marks, looks, qualification, future security and the progeny of union. The breakthrough comes when the unusual thinkers decide not to put aside the only gift of god that they possess - the brains. This highly devastating tool causes the atrocity while keeping a low profile. Then rejections increase and the red rose and the mills & boons proposal sound cheeky.

Marriage is not just about people, it is indeed the fornication of two minds that produces a thought that survives the jerks of agony, ecstasy, rationalism, love, hardship and sacrifice. If such is the magnitude of this eight-letter word, then how can one simply, blindly enter this serious contest unprepared? One sure needs that clarity of mind, assertiveness of instincts and of course affirmation of prudence – the brain behind all this fuss.
Moving on, bumping into seemingly perfect aficionado to those at variance and yet not being able to decide is a common leaf in everyone’s life. The moment of victory only lies once you yourself judge your intuitiveness on where and when the ending entails the genesis of alliance.
Meanwhile, here are the few lines for those who are still bumping and lumping on to incompatible imbeciles.
“Oh so romantic are your eyes,
I now witness how my motivation dies..
Your deep disinterest in the world & politics,
Makes me want to hit you with a stick..
Still I fight more to see something complimenting in you,
There may be looks & hearts but I find it difficult to glue..
Its time I must bid you goodbye and end the pain,
For you shall find your mate in beauty more than in brain..”


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