Love's Labour Lost

Some shoddy marketers have successfully managed to change the meaning of love. It's true, it is now confined to hearts, a bunch of heart shaped chocolates, a very 'cheesy' heart shaped cake, red roses and a big teddy holding a red heart, and everything painted in red.
Can some one please dump that stupid shape which some artist thought was a masterpiece? And that color red, it has some more meaning than being romantically triggering. What a tragic fall of an emotion which fabricated stories that made history and its characters, heroes.
People of my clan would agree that an imprisoned image of love made us almost hate it. Love ought to spread irrespective of gender, geography and gab and not incarcerated inside a foxy box. You love your spouse, your kids, your dog, your parents, your job, you love that favorite pair of shoes, old college rags with n number of memories, you love blueberry cake, you love the city you were brought up in, you love the bar you got sloshed with your best pals, you love the moment when you exchanged vows with your partner and when your baby first smiled at you, you were overwhelmed with love and many more emotions. There are a thousand more things that you really love. Love simply spreads.
I don’t know who and why someone made love a commodity that only a couple could share. For instance, if I say, I would give up treasure for love, we get a Romeo & Juliet kind of set up in our mind, but it can have a broader prospect. The arms of love are far more widespread than one can imagine. Like one chooses to live with the family than living alone, reason being love for the family. Or one goes out of the way to help a kin, for the same reason of love.
I feel pity for the poor emotion for having lost its chastity to reprobated thoughts. Though I do feel it has been overvalued through and through. You cannot survive on the basis of love alone. It may not be the primary ingredient of a happy relationship nevertheless; it ought to exist to make a relationship a success. Times have gone by and love’s labour has been lost to its own superfluity. The long arm of love has been cut down with its confinement to the chocolate boxes. And with time, it may lose its charm for we already see lack of trust, loss of peace and this absence of love will make an utter chaos.


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