A Journey to the Inner Self

Amidst the darkness I smeared like a river
It was cold and I was alone
Yet I resisted the shiver
Did I forget thy road to recover?
Indeed! So profound was my vision
I ran away from malice and awry
What I saw elicited derision
I could not find solace in my own secret place

Oh come on!! Sing along
Sing me that old song
Let the bells ring
Let the music play
Drag me to the mist
Undone me from skipped tryst

Rebel! Rebel! Shouted the monk
He was angry, he was furious
It was the pain of walking along
He could not sing, he could not dance
He could not even raise the palm
He had his own regrets and qualms!

Plunge! Plunge! Said the frog
Come float with me in this rain
Leave behind those heavy logs
Think besides being insane or sane
You have to let go all that pain!

Take off! Take off! Cried the hen
I left the farms to take a flight
I ditched those greedy men
Here, I came to the world of delight
Like the feathers of my tail, Ain’t it really light!

Survive! Survive! Ordered the lizard
I am cold, I am dry
I am poisonous yet not a hazard
Only I know to all those insects, how I pry
To all that hatred and repulsion from all and sundry
I run into the dark and cry!

Having heard these verses
I realized the plight and pity
I now bend down to blessings and curses
I ponder on those virtues and vices poured into my kitty

It is time I cease my melody
It is time I hear that malady
This fowl play is merely a walk to the earthen grave
Only for it is to who walks it through so brave….


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