Lean to Lighten

I have always insisted on release of anger, letting go of those feelings that bind you, hold you in abeyance. Seldom do people realize, how important it is to move on in life. The whole crux of life is learning and moving on, marching to wisdom. Different people formulate different meaning to it. To some it means perfecting the imperfect, to a few it is changing what ought to be changed, and to the rest it is a plain way of going with the flow.
Perfection, bound to the family of discipline, is often overdramatized. Imagine a world with all perfect trees, a single height and number of leaves, with each leaf of a particular shape and size, pointing in a single direction! Absurd! Flustered! Yes, it is that imperfection of things that make them acceptable at large. Nature in itself teaches us this very simple phenomenon. The key is to move on once you have procured the state of perfection, once you have learnt the art of attaining the resultant. The next step is to proceed and not be stuck on.
Change,mostly perceived as a negative entity, is rather an effortless ladder to rise above in life and think beyond. One has to transform one self as a more accessible person to understand the simplicity of life. It is imperative to set aside that dinosaur age mindset to accommodate with time.
Life takes you where it wants to take you, anyhow! The choice of going with the flow brings you an inch closer to the purpose of your living. It has its own ups and downs, and hurdles, but you can still take a breather and relax because in the end you will be where you should be. Trust and sacrifice, is what you have to practice and comply with then.
Time is neither perfect nor does it stop. It changes, it grows and it is so far the stand-alone winner of all times and is still going steady. Off late, I am beginning to observe people losing themselves on the grounds of immortality. It saddens me down to see less trust and lesser humility, more rage and even more outrage. Anguish, reluctance, and obstinacy all clubbed with pessimism are the weapons of the weak and ignorant. And that's what we all are! Let go! Life is incomplete without a droplet of tear, or a tone of laughter. It is imbalanced in the absence of bird's chirps or a thunderstorm. It is immature without a childhood basking in the sun. Slow down to believe in your own self!!


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