Revelations and Realizations

Life can’t be more stressful than what it is right now.  Anyway, having spent a couple of months all by myself, I have some huge confessions to make. The biggest I believe is, your life is what you choose it to be. Nobody likes to invite troubles and there are some fools who walk into them.

Whilst, revelations evolved, realizations followed and I am a changed man altogether. These were times of true test of strengths and capabilities. If I could hold on to myself without reaching that level of insanity, I would be safe enough to be exposed to the society. And well, to my surprise I nailed it. Just to clarify, my insanity levels fell short of a few clicks resuming me back to that sane category. No matter how crazy I may have been, I continue to be a social animal. A sigh or relief – I care the least.

Speaking of which, I rather like to talk less now. The blabber in me has some how gone lazy. A realization - I don’t always have to put my thoughts across. It is okay to give things a passé. A revelation – this makes me less emotional about my subject, and lesser prone to futile arguments. Good, if you think so.  Well, in some ways it has in general dropped down my emotional quotient, which seems to be perturbing me. I like to be emotional. It allows me bond with others. I would now put myself as undomesticated. Liberated, I can be, but free I am not sure.

I can’t change myself in and out. I can be transformed but I cannot rewrite my past. And why would I, if it has been educational enough. Neither would I want to forget it. Then what about those delusions I have been living with. Realization, yet again. When facts came face to face with me, it challenged me so much that I am more head strong than ever before. Revelation, with inner strength comes a deeper fear of falling altogether. It makes you sulk; it makes you get on your nerves. Either ways, it makes you fragile. You cannot fight your own shadow. Doldrums persist!

Beauty is mesmerizing; beauty is when someone is smiling with an innocent heart. All kids are beautiful, they are pure at heart. Adults are beguilers. They trick you in their words of wisdom and fool you for their words worth nothing. A realization of living a simple life with a few scars than marks of hatred is a learning this revelation has had upon me. Intelligentsia is a pretty simple law and I stand by it. You never need to prove it; the nescient would be reckless and refined would be enchanted. Looks matter when you know exactly what you are looking at. It’s incorporeal!

"Me, I'm dishonest, and you can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest. Honestly, it's the honest ones you have to watch out for." – Johny Depp. Some borrowed words of prudence, very suitable revelations and realizations hidden in them.

All in all, I may have learnt things a little slower than the rest, I had my own logics to purport; nevertheless, I am glad I am there!


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