Job Profile of Motherhood

Because I am a mother and because it is a very child centric profession, I have my blues to sing and yellows to dance on. It is such a 1-2-1 (as in b2b) work ethic that I am always focused on the things that she does and how I react and vice versa. Care the least of her association with others including the father. Although it does concern me how my product will behave and show social emotions to the rest of her kin and kinds.

A constant debate is what goes on in the head to clarify all her actions starting with the way she sleeps, to brushing her teeth and to finish the food that is packed in her lunch box. Near or far, your one eye, one ear, one heart, one mind, one kidney, one liver, one stomach is always busy catering to her.

If there are longer pauses of silence the ear will not resist checking on what’s cooking. The eye sees the unbelievable mess and the heart absorbs the catastrophe with patience. A part of the mind tries to engage her in something productive and there on the kidney fails to catch up on her fast running shoes. In the end the stomach digests the leftovers from her plate, the uneaten and sometimes spitted pieces of pure health. Since so much goes on during the time the menace is awake- the liver finds solace only as the night falls.

Every single milestone in the role of motherhood is challenged with new roadblocks and is rewarded with nasty comments, ugly faces, dirtier laundry, dozens of homework and a plethora of mess. Patience is the first strength mentioned in the resume of a mommy. And each day, we are entitled to gather up our souls to mend what needs to be mended, and stay calm.

For years, this has been regarded as the most challenging job with qualification that speaks for itself. It is by far the most beautiful job profile one can ever ask for. No matter how much we sulk, in the end we are just so proud to see our own reflection extending its arms to the world. The whirlwind never dies out yet the aura of love spreads without fail. All the hard work we put in shines out.

Pride walks in and gifts us delightful moments that we cherish all our lives. The first time she starts to walk, or says Mumma. A medal or trophy won at school, building up creative stories, holding confident and intelligent conversation with random people – all that it takes in raising a child seems more credible than ever before.

Such are the treats and troubles here. It is so engrossing and demanding that you cannot do anything but focus here. With age and experience, we become ‘Child’fish, ‘Chlld’employed and ‘Child’possessed for the rest of our lives. I guess it all seems worth-while.


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