Mind Games

Why is it at times you feel so dreaded and lonesome even when you have some twenty people standing by your side. You have everything you can wish for in the world but still it makes you feel so hollow from inside that you crave for a moment to cheer, a hand to hold, a person to listen. Listen to that what you cant put to words, what you just cant express even though how well your communication skills be. The perception is so deeply negated that all you see is ugly truths. A person like me falls an easy prey. The situation fools you around in such a way that you don’t seem to rebel rather simply sleep in the arms of dusk and dream about the unimaginable sorrows.

The tenure of such feelings isn’t very long; it varies from a few seconds to a few hours. The impact however is such that it transforms you into a more humane, sensitized mortal. During the transition, the rigidity of mind makes you a stronger victim of vexation and flexibility of heart, a fragile target of misery.

No hand is actually any protector, no cheer has the courage to put a fight against, and no person has the virtue of solace. It is simply an unjustified struggle that engages, for a moment, your whole life.

And once the clouds of bitterness burst, it’s a whole new blue sky smiling coquettishly at the quest that you just survived. This leaves the mind so boggled that you wish to move on to an extent that you never make a return. But you do make another visit, as and when you need a thrashing. I guess that’s why we call life a vicious circle!


  1. Interesting post. Sometimes the thoughts that come to our mind, leave us puzzled beyond words...
    Just discovered you blog..you're doin a great job!Keep up! :)

  2. Exactly, it gets difficult to tackle the dilemma.. :)

    Thanks a bunch! that's pretty motivating :)

  3. How..How in the world have u put something like this into words so aptly..phew..Hats off!!!!I jumped out of my bed at the precise expression.I have known it!
    "No hand is actually any protector, no cheer has the courage to put a fight against, and no person has the virtue of solace"-the next time u go there,just look in..there is one!

  4. Thanks for those kind words.. really appreciate it! :D

  5. Slightly unrelated to this, but I think everyone gets used to everything. We just like to make ourselves believe that we need people/we don't. I don't mean to be cynical, but you know, that's how I feel :)

    Good to be back here! :)

  6. yeah, welcome back, missed u all this time n congrats fr the job n all!:)
    ofcourse by the end, its just this belief that keeps us going. its all up in the head. :)


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