The Third Eye!

It’s funny how perception for the same situation show such varied response. Usually we say it takes two to clap – referring to each and every action or emotion be it fight, love, hurt etc. Then there is a third person. This person is the one who listens to the chores of one of those two involved. There is always a third person, a third eye for every condition. This is a confidante, an honest and trustworthy friend who is entitled to give a just and unbiased opinion.
Usually, the opinion becomes an eye opener and solves most of the issues. But there is another side. Sometimes the two people who are actually involved in the situation know the reasons for its occurrence. They are the best judge for every action that comes into play. It is for them to summon the circumstance in their own way. The third person could be an honest guide or a very highly experienced counselor but in the end, it all about being human. And its impossible to step into the shoes of another human, you can share the shoes, wear them once or twice, but they are never yours.
Under dire circumstances, we tend to look up to the person closest to us; this person plays the part of being the third person. It is most likely, that on sharing your affair you may find a perception filled with a fresh breeze. This could be useful and rather enlightening but under no context be the final word. Its obvious that the third person would never give you the final word no matter how high may be his/her authority. In the end, you have to face the consequences of the seeds that you have sowed. No one else shall bear the responsibility of your deeds.
Such is the cause of living, that we call facing the AXE, which is something we do every third week of our lives. And by the end, it makes us less dependent, more strengthened and highly formidable.


  1. Hey its a nice blog..i really liked it, infact i read all your blogs and all are good..I ve become your fan the way you write things. Keep up the good work. Waiting for your next view about life...


  2. Thanks for acknowledging my thoughts :)


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