Twists and Turns

Of late, I haven’t got much time to think about anything apart from my work and its scheduling and rescheduling. At ease now, though the mind refuses to sit back and relax. Its always in the hyper active mode for reasons best known to the internal wiring inside.
Of course, being over occupied isn’t a very striking affair. But that is something you just cannot escape no matter how much you dawdle it. And escapism is not something I personally support.

Coming back to life and routine, just contemplating over the past deeds and happenings, I realized how life always puts you up in a rut and expects you to come out triumphant.

The proactive inhibition precludes the sense of being avant-garde, of that being progressive in terms of situation. It pulls you back to a point where you feel paralyzed, recluse, and dormant. The process actually takes you for a ride from an altar to deep down in the dumps.

The bitter truth winds you in such a series of trials, as if sailing through them would get you an appraisal, a real life promotion. The stimulus works. You start unwinding the threads that twisted you all over.

And at the moment, I am in the process of disentangling myself. Life has its own deadlines. The task assigned, if not completed in the stipulated time calls for an irrational woe and conversely, a prejudiced victory.


  1. Happy disentaglement. I loved reading this :)

  2. Every word of yours is self explanatory. Great Blog.

  3. I love the way you observe your seem to be aware of how it's functioning..insightful!

    PS: Btw, how do you know this Sandhu gal?!!!! or are you guys just blogobuddies?

  4. hey thanks mehko....u know the truth girl...

    ya i follow puneets blog n she follows we r basically blogbuddies :D
    I really like her thoughts.... :D


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