Forgiving yourself….

As life proceeds, prolific situations and incidents get tagged along. Some are good some are bad; you yearn to relive some of them while for others you just wish had not happened. Since life is very unpredictable for each one of us, it does leave us astonished on how things take a U-turn without any forewarning.
Meanwhile we struggle to fortify ourselves to cope with the changing trends, it becomes inevitable to surrender to those unfathomable phenomenon. Rigidity evolves with in, endorsing the deliberate notions. This indeed hits us so hard that we actually forget the truth of living the life that we really deserve to live.
We refuse to perceive beyond, something that is hidden - the ballad of the wounded soul. Its mellifluous voice goes unheard and ignored. The ignominy of being forgotten shatters the only hope that ever persisted.
The cluelessness about the distressed psyche is the only reason that perturbs the stability of our thoughts. For every peccadillo, we tend to agonize our soul tormenting ourselves. Situations settle down yet we don’t forgive our inner being. We keep encumbering our soul till we realize that it can bear no more.
The choice here is made by our conscious mind, to be or not be the force that drives the sense of forgiveness. The soul can only be forgiven if we learn to absolve the rifts that continue within ourselves and obviously with others as well. Once that equilibrium between exoneration and regret is achieved, life becomes less wretched and more passionate.
Hope to forgive!!!!


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