Still Randomly Mine - May

This is in continuation to the previous post, as I am still not over with the Delhi and Mumbai syndrome.

Since the voyage between Delhi and Mumbai was pretty quick, there was an obvious comparison that boggled my mind at all times.

We all belong to the same roots, similar beliefs, and very consistent needs. Though the demarcation of ones society is definitely laid and this distinction segregates us from the rest. More so, every city has its trend to follow, contrasts ought to subsist.

Mumbaikars, I found them far more hardworking and honest as compared to our hi-fi delhiites. No offence to them, but truth prevails. North Indians have always been very snooty and pompous. Being one, I guess I don’t regret this bit.

I figured distinction in each and every thing that existed. The taste for music, cuisines, the limit to expenses. Punjabi hip-hop and pop beats rule the charts here in Delhi, it is the melodious bollywood music and other soothing marathi rythms that are preferred in Mumbai.

The cuisines, Mumbai simply tastes so much better. You have a variety to choose from; abundance of delicacies for both vegans and meat lovers makes it a food lovers paradise. Delhi whereas has some limited options when it comes to taste.

The concept of “work and get paid” gets Mumbai going. Since there is amplitude of work, people are more focused and practical in their approach. They work and live without blasphemy. Delhi, whereas, sustains treacheries, deceit and fraudulence. Not that they don’t exist anywhere else, but it’s lesser in degrees.

However pontifical the Delhiites may appear to be, the Mumbai people do have a bigger heart to spend. The market has enormous buying population, which clearly speaks of its higher standard of living. Mumbai isn’t the financial capital of the nation without any reason.

The most commendable element that exists in Mumbai is the freedom and safety of women. I saw women, girls, all out alone even at nights and small groups of smart ladies hanging out at wee hours, without much hassle. This was something extremely impressive about that city that how it respects every individual without the gender bias. And this is something I have never seen in the NCR region. I wasn’t even spared to cross a road alone there.

The Sad part, the endless jhuggies and slums are quite a displeasing sight. This reflects the second face of Mumbai, which may not be as majestic as one can imagine. Like every coin has two sides, there are negatives in every city, every nation.

There is constant comparison between the national capital and the financial capital, yet the two cities have their own charm and sanguineness surviving with their own dark sides.

It is still hard to choose any one of them because there is always so much more to explore on either sides.


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