Randomly Yours - May

It was quite an interesting month of May for me. It started on the usual note of laziness within, slowly it progressed and I ended up being a psychotic reader for the following 2 weeks. It wasn’t all over when I was still busy searching and buying new books, having sleepless nights. ‘Shit’ and ‘Wit’ happened all through. The end was though marked by one of my favourite activities – Travel. All in all I would say an extremely captivating and fascinating month, which I actually lived.

Not going any further with the details, I am here to share a tiny experience of my short, exhaustive yet engrossing trip to the two most incredible cities of INDIA – Mumbai and New Delhi. For these two cities, I have been an enthusiastic guest because I normally end up visiting them once or twice a year. Thanks to a huge number of kith and kins, that I get to enjoy the luxuries of these cities.

My outlook for these two cities was very different this time. It wasn’t the picturesque framing or the niceties that attracted my attention. It was unusual. I saw a different life style, a race, and an urge to fight for your own time. The perception was what if I have to live in here. Independent life, more professional avenues, hell lot of parties, etc, were the first ones to entice my mind. Then slowly I was drawn towards the hardship this kind of life calls for.

There was a moment, I was less than half a feet away from a child, sleeping on the footpath near a pole, and I held my camera in my hand, but I just could not click him. I felt like a cheap photographer honing skills at the cost of innocence and impecuniousness.

And just around the corner, I saw myself driving parallel to MR. RATAN TATA. This was an extraordinary moment. Yet again I did not click, I felt like a cheap photographer making use of skills for publicity.

Capturing moments – the sole aim of the existence of a camera, to which I breached. For once I stepped into the shoes of that young kid, sleeping – not sure whether he even had his meals, was he even treated well for his existence. For once I felt humiliated on his deplorable conditions, for the reason why there exists such inequality.

And for once, that night I stepped into the shoes of the great business tycoon, an inspiration for many including me. I felt lonely, for the reason - do people only want to be clicked or be known to have met Mr. Ratan Tata. Isn’t there more to him than just being the business tycoon for which he is known. He must be having his shares of unfulfilled dreams; a phase left alone, a heart broken for reasons unknown.

What it really takes to be human…………
Forgive, Learn, Trust, Forgo, Confide, Confront…… Or may be just LIVE……


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