The "Overrated" Post!!

We live in a society so deeply conglomerated, that every second person belongs to a different community, caste, color, creed, etc. We still share the same belongingness, and the fellowship continues. Gradually, these beliefs are inculcated in each one of us as we grow. And over the time they become so overrated that it becomes hard to distinguish whether we are the blind followers or sane submitters.

“Overrated” and overvalued convictions propel the emotional quotient to an extent that results in either over-compliance or over-defiance (extremes). The fanatics can never come to consensus until the “Over” bit is sliced and fenced off.

Talking about the exaggeration, there is always a tempest in the teapot; something invariably descried, especially in a democratic, secular, discrete and yet integrated Country like ours.
Everything that exists is overrated; to begin with patriotism, relationships, societal responsibilities, politics, business, education, fashion, sports, bollywood, even the crimes. There is actually no substantial reason that can cater to this subversive theory. But this exists and would continue to survive.

The influence of the glamorous foreign world, the rat race, the menace that has so far been created is irreparable.

We celebrate our patriotic national days with immense vigor and enthusiasm, but from the inside, only less than a quarter of the population knows about its pride. Most of the rest, could be including myself, show an overrated patriotism while listening to the old “deshbhakti” music and rejoicing the positives of independence and progress so far made in the name of National holiday. The remaining few try to catch up on their sleep after having had an “overrated”, “over” worked week.

The spirit of sports - we would invest explicitly in advertisements just to draw the audience to watch a game of cricket or hockey. We would continue bragging about it till the last minute. Magnify the tiniest character and dramatize the whole agenda. And finally, if you ask the A,B,C… of the game, the response would be as dumb as even the spellings of the game would be incorrect. The reason of vehemence is as hollow as the knowledge of substance.

For that matter, even the most sacred of all, the religion, isn’t spared of the tantrums either. Still remember the time when suddenly the statue of the immortal Lord Ganesha started having milk with the spoon from his followers. The milk in the spoon vanished by spilling due to gravity or was the lord really too keen on drinking, God only knows. The pompous drama was yet again staged and another overrated badge was thereby attached.

All this looks more like the “Panchtantra” stories, or the adventures of Chacha Chowdhary and Saboo. What we read as stories, the stretched out descriptions, have actually pervaded into our veins and have become a part of our expression. We simply cannot do without being “Overstated”, “Overdone”, “Overplayed”, “Overestimated”, “Over-blown”, “Over-Dramatized” or plainly “OVERRATED”.


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