Silence Speaks!

Every silence has a sound, there vests a meaning behind tranquility. Silence as I may have felt in the recent times, I would like to put it as the “Mute Speech Act”. Despite the negligible intensity of sound in its speech, it is still heard, not by the ears but by the rest of the senses.

Being human is a difficult task, with all the sensory nerves continuously talking in their own language. Eyes speak to the eyes; touch reacts to touch; likewise, every sense responds in its appropriate fashion.

When the mind or the heart does the talking, and when words fall short, it’s the silence that speaks. The unusual awkwardness that silence creates forms the basis of understanding the language of silence. It is the quietness that prolongs and eventually delves into a form of expression.

This is the cognition why at times we really do not need words to define the conviction. Call it the sixth sense or the instinct; we always comprehend what is being said during the phase of reticence. The instances, which I am sure every one must have experienced once in their lives, could be the sense of perceiving forgiveness, evasion, desire, abstinence, association, etc.

Strangely, many a times we find that verbal assertions fail to explain what a simple silent exhibition can express. There is never a proof of what is being shared, but certainly an unspoken assurance gives credence to the tacit conversation.
Certainly, this unvoiced token is golden for making things easier to grasp. Words can be harsh for realization but silence makes acceptance elementary.


  1. Wah... Very Good yaar...
    Silencer Mere 3 Idiots waale...
    Everyone knows that Silence does not speak, it only smells. :-)

    Seriously yaar , a very good article yaar...
    Keep writing. :-)

  2. haha! Coming that from you was so obvious.....but yes thanks for the appreciation :P


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