Way Back....

While cleaning one of my cupboards, I just found this interesting piece, something which I had written in 2003. I was taken aback by the innocence that existed. To my surprise, in these 7 years, the meaning of life has totally changed. Still somethings always stay close to the heart.

Though kiddish, i am too eager to share this bit.. :)
"Tiff and Tango"

They praise me for what I am
Admire the great friend in me
Inspired by my love and affection
So head over heals in love with my friendship
Expect favors from me and make me expect even more
Bless me and wish the best for me [1]

Suddenly, the cupid’s arrow strikes
Someone perfect has just knocked the door, right!
They fall in love and life sings mellifluously
And the inseparable pal is forgotten awfully
Here the tiff between 'love' and 'friend' embarks
The former is godlike and latter blown to dark
Its the dear friend, has to understand [2]

Blessings brighten, as silence remains golden
Happier they get at the cost of a friends sacrifice
Bonds strengthen n friendship charges its price
Life goes on, shows new things
That special love for buddy accidently springs
Their gem gets to revive its lost shine
And for 'love' not everything is fine [3]

Treasure the moments and hide it they speak
The friend forgives, forgets and freaks
While the love envies their holiday
They thank it for an excellent memory array
Its time for love now
Friend, again has to understand
Retires back and a weary smile it pretends [4]

The pain, the tears, the hurt of a friend
Those sleepless nights may never find an end
But the friend loves them so understands
Misses them but to every bruise it attends
Falling apart but by their side it will stand
Losing the battle with the swirl of magic wand
But winning a pride, that smile of a friend [5]

This glow on your face is my pride
Made all attempts to see those happy eyes
But in vain, did all my efforts lie
The pain, the tears, the hurt all vanished away
The obscurity for your love suddenly swayed
Albeit I did surrender
Your smile made it a wonder [6]

The reason for those swollen eyes will never be forgotten
But will be forgiven and treasured moments be liven
Love and friend are two distinguished emotions
But both are your creations
One may super cede the other
The other will always understand you better
The chaotic tiff ends with an enchanting surrender [7]

Such was the beauty of friendship and innocence of soul way back. :)


  1. yaar Ado this is a very sensitively done pome..even though purani hai...par badi sahi hai yaar..

  2. hehe thanks alot! i was also amzaed at it thats y wanted to share :)

  3. It feels so real.
    Thank You for sharing.


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