Music to my Ears

It wasn’t too long when I first realized that Music and me had nothing in common. My singing is as discordant as that of a donkey; may be slightly better ‘cause I am reasonably au fait with my singing potential and sporadically dare to even croon.

I still remember my inconsolable and embarrassing incidents with the word M. It was rather exploiting, when I was made to sing in front of the whole class to pass the music test at school. The fever ran so high that I once skipped a final examination of music and then feared flunking the year for being absent in it. More so, this was staged without the acquiescence of my parents at the mere age of 10. And as I grew up, I felt chagrined on scoring a ‘C’ every year.

This wasn’t enough, when I was incited by the melody of a casio and tried to get my hands on that. Just a few practice sessions ago, when I had started assigning the syllables to the melody, the tutor asked me to sing along while playing. Then and there I gave it up again. The same humiliation struck me and I dreaded music.

The fight wasn't over. Once again, during the growing up days, the guitar enthralled me, and there I go chasing, to hone my skills on it. But all went in vain. I never attended more than a single class, but I did hang the guitar on the wall of my room to remind me of those unrealistic dreams I had dreamt of.

From then, there was no looking back and I realized I wasn’t the chosen one. On the contrary, the panel of lords of music had actually forsaken me from the gift of tune. But I didn’t lose my wit, I was surrounded by people with the best taste and knowledge of music. It couldn’t have been better than this.

People who sing, play and relish the solitude brought by this expression of emotion called MUSIC; I have them all depicting significant cameo in the libretto of my life.
That’s how my pursuit of melody transformed into my pursuit of blessings.

On second thoughts, I always wanted to be an opera singer..... ;)


  1. hahahahahahah tooo good adi too good, i was in your shoes as well during school time. Lately i discovered that my weapon of choice should have been the camera from day one and not singing xD

  2. hahaha.. true.. and i realized it was animation which was more suitable for me... n more expressive too.... ;)
    cheers to all those like us :D


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