Religion keeps me puzzled

Religion, by its definition, forms a faith by which we bestow our trust in God, the divine power, to which we all surrender.

Sometimes, I find myself in a fix as to what to follow and what to ignore. Being born to the followers of Lord Mahavir, brought up amongst Hindus and Punjabis, fascinated by Islam and studied in a convent with Jesus as the holy Lord. All I have really evaluated from all these religious sects I have lived with, is a strong faith in a mystical power that gives everyone the strength to survive.

I haven’t really been a religious person. My perception towards faith differs from that of the mass. A power does exist but it surely doesn’t grant us the daily bread. There is a force that makes us walk towards our wishful thoughts and sometimes even achieve them. We are put to test every now and then and that’s part of life. And of course to effectuate things we work towards them. Religion, on a daily basis, has a minimal part to play.

Though I have made some vivid yet random visits to some of the famous religious monuments in the past. Reason being curiosity about the place, medieval architecture and scenic beauty. And there, I sensed the existence of some really powerful souls that made the place so peaceful and soothing that you really wish to spend some quality time with your own self, all in silence.

I strongly felt being guided by seraphic beings, as some of these places convinced me to believe in the existence of holy souls. A few amongst them were the Khumbhariya Ji Jain temple in Gujarat, Haji Ali in Mumbai, Vaishno Devi in Jammu, St. Pauls Cathedral in London, Salasar Balaji and Karni Mata Temple in Rajasthan and the Golden temple in Punjab.

With each visit, I have found myself being enchanted by a voice within, which oozes out enormous peace inside the mind. Ironically, in each of these varied religious venues, I have always discerned a similar charisma towards my inner voice, to the divine existence. This instinct has eventually broadened my horizon to ruminate on any belief.

It makes me feel proud for learning the truth about holiness and growing above and far beyond the old rituals and myths for supremacy of any particular religion.

I live by the faith that there exists a supernatural force that unites everyone and by the fear that there co-exists a natural intellect that defies its continuation.


  1. Try spirituality!let religion be..

  2. Meri Dil ki baat tu jaane :)... Arrey Akshardham nahin mention kara jahan hum divine souls ek saath ghoom rahe the u being the Preacher ;)

  3. @anonymous: I am basically trying to evolve as a person.. be it spiritual or religious or HUMAN :) :)
    You know, my aim is to grow as a person :D

    @Shivangi: Yeah I forgot Delhi's Akshardham, where we all visited heavenly abode with a return ticket. That was fun. :)

  4. as a person/spiritual/human - same things..

  5. Not really if you try to figure out the difference.

    you grow differently on the spiritual, religious and human varies with the kind of thoughts that persist in the mind

    The essence is to understand the segregation and recognize their role.

    Hope you are getting my point.

  6. hhhmmm. nice thoughts aditi.
    you may wanna chk n read Joseph Campbell Companion for your quest to grow as a person.

  7. Hey, thanks will surely go through that :) :)


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