The pArt of Living Nonsense

The title itself may provoke numerous minds, but that’s the whole idea behind writing this post. To awaken those who are still sleeping with imposed facts shielding their thoughts. We were young enough when we first heard about these famous saints who brought the concept of living with the power of smiles. Though blasphemous it appeared, it did manage to gather a million blind followers.

No fear keeps me away from criticizing it for I strongly feel against it. The whole concept is to pretend that nothing wrong can happen, maintain your positivity and just turn a deaf ear to you problems. They will either shun by themselves or give up under the power of your so called positivism. Psychologists suggest that optimism does bring about a change in a person’s perception. But this theory of achieving harmony with an exaggerated version of pretentious optimism eventually makes you so hollow that you stop defining your own instincts and powers.

For all I ask here is how can you really overcome natural human emotions by serving a few saints who claim to have achieved the balance of mind and body. Have they really done that? I doubt! Why? The reason is simple, say a single thing against the so-called power guru to a blind follower, the response would be anger, frustration, and immense vengeance. If they are taught to keep their cool under turbulent circumstances, if they are suppose to maintain a smile with thoughts so divine, when they have realized the power of virtue, that of giving, of peace, claiming to have achieved solitude, then why those emotions of anger, frustration and vengeance even show on the face? Then why do they lose it all for criticism?

Maintaining a balance of mind and body requires a lot of exercise, of putting yourself to test at every level, of giving a thought to every action. A normal human, despite all these would still accept his fears and vices of jealousy, hatred and comparison. These are tendencies that crop under strained situations and a healthy mind wins them over only if it is well rooted with appropriate facts and is strong enough to endure the jerks on the path of life.

The human mind has by default got the power to achieve all this by itself. Without being spoofed by the thoughts of a random person who knows least about your sufferings and conditions.

The weaker souls are more attracted towards such therapies for their ignorance of the true power vested inside them. They prefer to be spoon fed for evolving as a human being than trying to figure out the strength of their neurons and give back the fight that life calls for.

The mind never stops to think, it always follows a path even when unconscious. Let it speak up by itself, let it survive the sand of time and not be covered with false hopes. Let it emerge as a true expression of freedom and sanity.


  1. I really want every Indian saint and their followers to read this blog. Its all about pushing the limits rather than being calm and maintaining the balance between mind and body. Saints need to revise their own art of living.

  2. They prefer to be spoon fed for evolving as a human being than trying to figure out the strength of their neurons and give back the fight that life calls for.

    Awesome lines....nice work adi..u hv inspired me love u

  3. Girl,seems you have some special love for art of living:).Have you experienced their brand of spirituality?;)

  4. @Panks: I just made an effort to put my thoughts into words :D

    @Shivangi: Thanks :)

    @Anonymous: I guess you are right. The special love sprang during the early days of its existence ;)
    No i haven't experienced their brand of spirituality. But I have a good number of people following it. To my dismay, it proved quite worthless esp when you know that you have the power in your own hands. Why go after someone else, make your own path and follow that :D :D
    That's what I believe :D

  5. I have a few great friends who have experienced it and they have told me it goes well with their belief in the 'power in your own hands'.We have had discussions and i am contemplating experiencing it myself...You sure of your sources coz mine are totally totally reliable rebels;)

  6. See everyone has a perception on these issues. All i say here is don't get blinded by these things and don't go overboard. Its best to stay the way you are.
    Live it normal, whats the need to pretend being at peace.
    :) :)


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