Barbarian Invasions

Annoyance - that’s the only emotion that I have felt so far in a really long time. How much does it cost to humans to show humanity? Does that really take the hell out of them to be a little more responsive, receptive and mindful?
The double standards never cease to exist. I don’t remember any one I met recently with kind thought and no hidden treacherous notions.  A novice like me is obvious to suffer a cultural shock in a world like this.
Honesty – never ever existed here. The malice in thoughts, in character, in actions, and even in relationships, always made its path to victory. I feel like a fool, being blindfolded, over and over again by the splendid aficionados.
This might sound as if I have been looted or ransacked by an unreliable and apostate clan. Fortunately, nothing as such happened. But yes, lately, I feel devoid of enormous emotions and also feel unfit for possessing them. The world does not seem to be valuing them anymore.
I see no humanity on roads. We need to put signs like ‘baby on board’ to let the other drivers know to be cautious for the sake of the baby. Truth seems to have died with dinosaurs. I only hear fascinating old stories based on it. Everyday you pick up the paper or hear the news, some one murdered a kin, and politicians cheated the public, public over reacting without facts, ascetics lured by money, power and women. Where is the character? Have we lost it all in the battle of transformation?
Profanity – has a new name of negative publicity. So what if I concur to the value system, I am (in)famous. The ‘in’ here stays silent as much as the ‘h’ in honest. I don’t know by whom, but we sure were taught to think over before we act and look for the consequences before heading towards anything. What all we read, studied and learnt, today it all seems a waste of time and money and brain muscle.
Plainly, we are heading to a new unknown, less intelligent, more arrogant, slimy and stingy destination. Eventually, we all might suffocate in this dastardly habitat. My heart yearns to see the productive and prosperous world. Been a while I followed the change I wanted to see. But I guess its time to spread ‘the change I want to see’.


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