Marriage and more

Sooner or later you do begin to realize that marriage is not just a one-time affair. It is not what we see on the D-day. The word itself is an amalgamation of umpteen relations, and infinite thoughts that evolve daily. It is beyond what we really could understand without having lived it ourselves. Well I opted for the hobson’s choice with alacrity to grasp the whole concept.

Pertaining to my sophomoric status, as much I could absorb so far is really a surprising tale. For the neophytes, I would suggest it is not the solution to your problems, insecurities, fears, heebie-jeebies, etc. An antithesis to what you may regards as happily ever after, marriage is merely a mind game. Each day brings about it’s own challenge and it’s own road to recovery. No two days are the same. If we sit down to find the coefficient of linear for a happy marriage, it would surely be null. The graph itself is sinusoidal. Ups and downs, more ups and more downs. You simply flow with marriage to enjoy it for a lot more reasons to be penned down or counted.

Your step into marriage expands your horizon and thought process. You begin to see the world from a newer perspective. Ofcourse, balancing out with the previous one, the mighty one. Like every other relationship, marriage too ventures into a lot of learning, a lot of respect and gratitude. On deciding to spend your life with someone in a way you gear up for some overhauling and level heading as a person. Matrimony is a guardian of companionship and triggers your emotional quotient. With responsibility and receptiveness comes sensibility and sensitivity.

The selection of your life partner is a reflection of your own character. There are no parameters to know how to choose and whom. It all happens with a blink of an eye. You find an extension of yourself in the other person. Often, he may possess those qualities that you lack or are your weak points else similarities exhale. Either way, your spouse is an annex to your own self. This makes marriage, as a relationship, different from the rest. It grows strong with time. Virtues such as patience, conscience, assertiveness, attentiveness and fidelity hemmed in warmth, solicitude and verve can pave the way for a happy marriage.


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