Ctrl + Alt + Del

Many a times I tend to think about the number of emails my inbox can really hold. What would happen the day it goes beyond the limits and I start losing data? How would I survive such a discrepancy?
I had once read somewhere, if we get rid of some of the un-used, random mails from our inbox, we can save the environment. Reason being, we would then need less storage devices in the virtual world. With technology strengthening its footings each day, we are now in the world of cloud computing and what not. We can simply play with all our data over the net, without needing to save it on our hard disks. So if we keep deleting the random stuff, we would save some storage space. This would indirectly lead to lesser power consumption, and hence the heat evolved, thereby controlling the temperature.
This is one way to help save the planet. If we really look at our emails, text messages, and other such things, we are actually hooked on to them. We cannot delete them; we are attached to them. I am pretty sure there must be over a thousand redundant mails in my inbox, possibly recurred 5 times from different senders and all existing in the inbox at different intervals of time.
I even have text messages saved in my cellphone, which I may never look again, but they are there because at some point of time, it meant a great deal. On second thoughts, a clean and organized mailbox and cellphone is the need of the hour. How many times our accounts get hacked and so many more times we lose our phones. In lieu of being sensible enough to guard our personal life, deleting should be the safest option.
Coming back to my dear environment, we need more thinkers and even more doers to save it. Just by putting up a notice on TV or sharing some videos is not going to do much good. Television, air conditioners, gyms, automobiles, everything we are addicted to add to the decline of green. Addiction of any sort is an addiction and needs to be curbed.
We need awakening. We need optimism. We need each individual to take the initiative without waiting for someone else to start and then they follow. One step is what we need to take towards a happier living and rest shall follow.


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