When you really have nothing to do…have some spare time in your kitty – GO NOSTALGIC. Yes! That’s the best way to deal with time that you don’t want to put in practical use.

Remember the good old school days, dozing off in the hindi lecture while the teacher chanted the “Dohas of Sant Kabir”; going zapped in the history class, for why the hell did anyone even think of attacking another’s land or wife or whatever??? What were they even thinking? Nerds!!!

Trying to figure out why in the world would any metal or non-metal react to hydrogen and oxygen, and what made the two similar poles repel and that chapter on life process-2, how it always opened the eyes even when we detested waking up. The pranks on some of the fellow classmates and even on those imbecile teachers (no offence); how we evaded the physical education period by making silly excuses of having a tummy ache, or a head ache, or even better, a sprained ankle. Annoying the class topper by hiding the books, not doing home works, missing out on submissions. Ah, have done it all and really makes me feel good for having done that all.

Then the second chapter started, of being the COLLEGIATE. The gaiety of youth entwined in ridiculous insanity. Persisting with the epithet “Prodigious Last Benchers”, to being the “Rebellious Front Runner”. Officially ragging and nagging people; owning up for the wrong deeds blatantly and the most enticing were the fights between those couples who thought they owned each other.

Now, as I rekindle the beauty of yore, I feel absolutely euphoric and gleeful. It always does this, always peps me up to an extent that I feel fresh and vibrant. It surely is the best investment of time and a great stress buster.
Happy Reminiscence!!!


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