Moment of Truce

Anger, a strong feeling of annoyance, vexation, or hostility, is something you cannot avoid not matter how patient you are. When you are angry, everything comes under your scan, it gives you a headache, heartache, stomachache (may be), basically immense displeasure.
So did happen to me. I was in great discomfit sometime back. I was angry. I am quite blatant by nature (being modest), so when I am angry, I avoid people to get in my way and become the victim of my crossness unnecessarily.
This time, it so happened, I was angry, I was hurt, and for a change I controlled myself. I kept mum, I did not think, I did not utter a single word. I lied down, before the tears could come rolling, I closed my eyes. I defied anger, I tried to let go, to get normal, unaffected.
It was then that I found solace, a moment of truce that demarcated a new span of control within me. I had never been so much at peace ever before. It felt, I had crossed my own limitations and enhanced my own magnitude of resistance.
For once I realized, it wasn’t necessary to react. Some times things can be resolved with “Silence”- which is indeed Golden. My anger had finally died down, I was clearer about things. I realized how anger makes the vision so hazy that you can’t even see yourself. I had always heard about it, always tried to gain more patience. This was the time when I finally achieved which was long awaited.


  1. congrats on the transformation that you experienced Aditi as it is really hard to do it :)


  2. Thanks a lot...i did it once and i feel i would be able to conquer my anger again 'cause it seems i do have the potential :D
    Lets see how far it goes.... :)


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