Chase! Pace! Race!--- Feel!!!!

Life seems to be in a rush. It’s the fourth month of the year and to my surprise I did not realize that we have crossed one-third of the year. The past three months just passed by with so many extreme highs and lows that it was impossible to actually sit back and count the number of days. This time around, I realized how time flies and how we run on our foot to chase it.
This happens to be my 20th post. The number is quite important for me as it coincides with my date of birth. I am not a very superstitious person, yet I have a strong feeling about the year 2011, once again with reference to my date of birth as 20.11.2011. Okay! I might appear to be a little boastful but honestly I am looking forward to the coming year for this particular reason.
This may sound like a post to be written on 31st December 2010. How does that matter when you write it down, its all about when and how you feel.
With “feel”- the word coming into play once again, I feel the word is such an overrated actor. It plays all the important roles in the plot called life and drains u of all your emotions, which is its cost for playing the part.
Funny how it may seem, but feelings sometimes abandon you at crucial courses of life. They first make you dive into an apparently surreal and serene affair and then turn their back when the situation is not as surreal and serene as it appeared.
You start with a strong feeling of high spirit and end up with an extreme feeling of dejection. Then again, feelings take you for a stride; make you “feel” elated, and overjoyed. They continue to play these silly games and we continue to get rugged and ragged by them.
Yet again, time flies; you continue to run on your feet to chase it.


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