How do people avow that they understand their partner/friend/mate whosoever, pretty well. What is that one thing that makes them certain that yes, I know this person unquestionably. I understand people and their behaviour, obviously, by spending time with them, judging their body language; making them comfortable to express themselves; and ofcourse, with the help of my psychic instincts.
All said and done, I realized how misquoted I have been all through. Arrogance, intolerance, rigidity, dominance, and many more such synonymous words are always tagged along with me. To which I strongly condemn as being assertive, opinionated, pliable and forbearing lest be provoked deliberately.
We all have shortcomings, and during those extreme exhibitions, people just opinionate you as they see you. This vision, however, is an attempt made by an undesirable and unavoidable situation that elicit the subversive you.
It is just an ignored part of your nervous system that ousts a hidden or may be a dormant cell. Not defying that these cells do not exist. On the contrary, they exist in every single human having contrastive levels of patience. It is only the person facing it who can be the best judge of that behaviour, assimilating the dire consequence.
Had all humans be brought up as perfect samples of equilibrium and justice, the world would have been a better, much better place to live in.
Since that is just a hypothetical, non-existent axiom, which is not even followed, I suppose, every individual should be given a chance to prove what he truly deserves and not just being subjected to dejection on the basis of volatile proceedings.


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