Culinary skills

We all love to eat, but barely anyone loves to cook. We still go by the old saying “Mum made food is the best”. Reasons being, foremost, it’s the mum, whom we love so much, has been taking all the pains to cook our favourite delicacies. Secondly, it’s all hygienic and definitely healthy. Finally, it’s so tasty and easily available, we need not move any limb to even pick a spoon. It’s right in our mouths. All we got to do is, relish it.

Obviously, ours is a “junk foodie” generation. Comes a day of being home alone, u had it, “maggi” is all what we call cooking, to make things classier, order a pizza or pasta. Wonder what out children would refer to as home made food, with even the chapattis being brought readymade, “microwave cooked food is the best”.

More so, a new change in trend is men are taking culinary lessons, either to impress their dates, or as a profession (which is actually a highly paid one) and the remaining do so just to fill in their stomach after a days hard-work. With our superstars like Saif, AB, posing as chefs, all sumptuous men are turning to be great cooks, possibly better than their female counterparts. With girls focusing on career, being the “bread winner” and guys being the “bread cooker”- sounds delicious for all the females.

Now the famous quotes would be used as, “the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach”, “Paa made food is the best” and so on.

Rest assured, our children still have some stride, “daddy’s gonna make your favourite cookies tonight sweetie…”


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