Perturbing Pretence

You wake up every morning just to find yourself in the girth of pretentious acts. A tinge of hypocrisy marks the day when the first effort calls to pretend to be nice and sober to your unruly boss. Following through a sequence of such tormenting situations and people, astute ideas knock the doors of your head; invading each and every hurdle as you cross.

You pretend to love when you are disturbed, you pretend to play when you are tired, even pretend to diet when u are most hungry and by the end of the day, you pretend to be happy, consoling yourself, tomorrow would be much better.

This reprehensible human instinct to pretend in every petty situation that we don’t like is rather a blessing in disguise. Ever wondered the reason for such an appalling way of finding an arbitrary invasion of our problems.

This makes me thinking about it at least for once. Probably today I am pretending to write, or sing or dance. The reason I hold beneath is a way to express my guilt of avoiding a circumstance I cannot face. Its not the lack of courage, it is the happiness of the other I cannot sacrifice.

Sometimes, it is indeed hard to curb resistance, this makes us follow the only path, and the only door that we see is open. The pretence that we follow does make us feel low on ourselves, for betraying the emotions that really existed. But pretence does not always overshadow the truth. It makes it more digestible. Even pretence could do noble.


  1. Wow adi dear really very impressive article u wrote.. i cant beleive u think so deeply... this is called an article dt r wrote direct from heart :) keep going....

  2. Nicely out into words Ed...
    So did u try - not to follow these pretentious acts for a day? Such people although so happy with themselves - pose big problems to the family/society...
    so ppl try and live within these pretentious acts...

  3. I do possibly try not to follow such acts, thats y most people find me rude or arrogant...hahaha...
    Just a try to make things easier.... ;)
    heheh :D
    Narcissism could be another topic of discussion.... :D
    Thanks buddy!


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