The Godfather

I ponder how our lives start revolving around the books we read. It all started with Enid Blyton and Nancy Drews and growing up with them gave us choices to go ahead the Mills and Boons way or follow the Godfather.
I happen to choose the latter, and today while playing on this weird pitch of my life (being twenty something) it seems the cult of Godfather has hypnotized my soul. I have been smitten by his ceremonious acts of returning favours, of being a “friend” that I sometimes hallucinate puffing a cigar wearing a homburg crown hat.

Being kids, we made favours to our bestfriend for a candy by solving their maths problem. Even then, we made such “Godfatherly” gestures. Obviously reading an act like that enhanced the thoughts and ripped our world apart. Soon we were simply wandering on the streets ruled by “The Godfather”.

The psyche works on three rules:
1. If someone makes a favour I return it, balancing the weight of obligation.
2. If I make a favour, you will have to return it to fulfil the sense of support, of brotherhood.
3. I will make an offer you can't refuse.
This last one establishes an insignia of kinship to be followed for life. A commitment you cannot betray, carrying with it shadows of expectation.

Phewwww....Still in awe of the most influential Character I have ever read………
My dog cannot read, had he been into reading, I am sure “Marley” would be his “Godfather”.


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