God's Drunk!

If I consider god as just drunk and not dead would that minimize the sufferings or simply agonize the pain.
God, he’s drunk at such a crisis??? Or Poor God, he is under such depression that he is drunk.....
We ought to send him to a rehab camp for gods can’t go astray. If that doesn’t help I think sending some five star baba would. With yogic exercises and some art of living being taught to god, might as well cure his blindness with which he simply ignores the good doers. May be a counseling with a free will baba would bring him back on track.
Can he stop entertaining himself and us as well and get back to work for once. I feel he is so bored of doing his job over the years, it has become quite discouraging for him. With no promotion on the cards, no lavish parties, no ups n downs or recession and boom, neither a thrashing from his boss, nor a loss of project, he needs some excitement at work. Ask him where do u see yourself five years down the line, he would say, here only, doing the same old menial job, with a sigh on his face.
With the similar wishes from his followers, same old ways of praying, he must have gotten highly bored of his life. Imagine, someone is trying to please you for the past 50 years with the same old song again n again. Damn I would prefer to run away than be pleased. God is an extension of us, I believe what all we think, we feel, God does too. For his recreation, he’s boozing and playing some nasty games with us and having a gala time.
He calls for his own space. He is for once asking us to grant him his wishes. He wants us to be steady, to work on our problems by ourselves, to think, to act and not just sit there and pray, pray and pray. He has finally given us a power to shape our future by ourselves. Lets grab this opportunity and in return help God regain his confidence in his most beautiful creation “LIFE”


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