All those who have known me find me highly opinionated, firm, unfaltering and sometimes even misinterpret my strong ideologies as adamancy. I was a rebel since childhood. Never did I follow any random suggestion without well-grounded reasons. Adherence to the truth, right is might, are some of the strengths that show resolute determination in my character. I still remember an elite referring to me as a “headstrong girl”.
I always have opinions, some by instincts and most with the knowledge on the subject. There are definitely a few more like-minded heads, which continue to inspire me. And the rest misjudge me as a high-headed, unwavering, obdurate, nasty mortal. Ever since, the rudiments of my cerebrum have been such that the brain has to work 24*7 and I have to answer myself with undoubted reasoning. Under such circumstances, the brain stopped living in predicaments and confusions making itself a power-thought generator.
Conversely, there exists a birdbrain that refuses to think, to react. More so it activates itself when the super brain hibernates in lieu of exploited preponderance. Withal, when you are in the company of those where existence of super brain is mandatory, the birdbrain drives u. The former is indeed a blessing in disguise to keep at pace but the latter takes a toll. You stand amidst grandeur to prove a point and take the conversation haywire landing into a self-humiliating discomfit. The probability is that you may not have done such a blundered job but the super brain that over the past years of regressive work has become so sensitized that it reacts corresponding to minor afflictions.
Inherently the birdbrain and the super brain coexist to avoid demented hysteria. One soon starts overpowering the other and thereby making a distinction in the human characteristic. The hackneyed brain, which temporarily resigns, makes way for the other one. That’s when we see the unexpected and contradict the expected.


  1. Reading your blogs I honestly do not think you are high headed. You write good meaningful stuff as I can put that in simple English. And its worth saying that I wouldn't have taken the pain to write this much if I did not feel inspired.
    Good Job, keep it up! :)

  2. hey..thats really kind of you.. and motivating as well!!!
    Thanks :)


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