Save the Tiger

Tigers have always been a pride of our nation. Their charismatic gestures demand dignity, respect and authority. Their wisdom inspires you to walk the aisle with profound self-esteem. This stirring specie that has been attracting the humans for ages, sadly it will soon go extinct if we don’t act now. That’s how when we visit tiger reserves, we barely spot our national animal for their constantly depleting habitat. There has been poaching of this fierce animal, for reasons best known to the insane, dreadful and callous hunters. We have seen extinction before, the dinosaurs, the mammoths, and many more such species. We now keep assuming how and what made those enormous and significant animals vanish from the face of earth.
Soon the tigers too would be a mere topic of discussion for their glamour and substance. In this Chinese year of tiger, we would see the end of this ferocious predator. How ironic!!!
Until ofcourse we act, we become aware, we stop poaching, we join hands to preserve, we speak up. I wish we could do a little more to save our pride.

We can visit the following links to show our concern :


  1. As Always :)
    it is my tag line and wallpaper these days... :)
    Save Tiger!


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