Equal and Dignified

Equality- what exactly do we mean when we say we are equal. I suppose it is just that there is no bar to measure the others status, right or opportunity. When we say we women are equal to men, what do we intend to refer. Is it the prowess and potential of cerebral competence or the reference to the daily chores where we try to satisfy random egos in a hustle and bustle?
My idea of equality has always been a free will to express your thoughts, take a stand of your own action, being independent of the biases. But when I hear people talking of comparisons on imprudent issues such as; if a man can go on a field trip so can a woman, if mothers have to stay home to look after the baby, why don’t the fathers do the same; it makes me rethink that its not just the stand of a man or a woman, we have very conveniently reiterated equality to settle our frustrated thoughts into mind boggling issues.
I felt being hypocrites when once a friend of mine refused to tip the waiter saying girls are not suppose to tip. I was stumbled on hearing such a thing from a very ambitious girl. We do usually talk of equality where we see we can hide our skin and escape doing an event that we don’t like. For instance, washing clothes, doing household works, it somehow makes us feel that if boys don’t do why should we. Alas! There is more to an individual, no work is less or more. If we talk of being equals everywhere that is supposedly applicable with work as well. Why classify work then?
Not that I am speaking anti-woman. I felt a sense of hypocrisy and thought of sharing with the fellow members of my genre. We are definitely not less anywhere but there are certain limitations and instead of challenging these natural differentiations, why don’t we try to respect the harmless distinction and live with dignity.


  1. I JUST finished writing something like this for a magazine I work for! Great minds think alike :)

    Remind me to send you the link :)

    And needless to say, I agree. Keep it coming!

  2. haha..great yeah definitely send me the link...would be a pleasure reading that :D

  3. :)
    old comment.. you again wrote my thoughts in your stupendous words... :)


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