A Broken Affair

Being a kid, I used to ask my brother about the team he supported and the moment he replied, his team got one more tiny tot supporter. Not even having the sense to understand its meaning was the time I started following CRICKET. Ever since, it began to run in my veins. Unknowingly, it became a passion, an addiction mushrooming inside. This is what has been the story of many more INDIANS like me who have been brought up to play cricket, love cricket. I wasn’t alone. I had numerous friends both boys and girls, equally high spirited and mad for CRICKET.

Every time India played their most furious rivals, the player fought a cricket battle and the spectators (obviously including us) played a verbal battle of obnoxious phrases. No one regretted abusing and none objected. Many more games played, battles won, fights defeated. Both, triumph and trounce had their share of emotions and reactions.
The players then played for the spirit of game, for the prestige of their nation, for the courage of their soul. Today, it calls for money, fame, perks and everything else but CRICKET.

It hurts me deep down that the game in which I had put my heart and soul, the affair that started at the tender age of 5, has just lost its spark. The spirits, the insanity and passion have all died down.

And as I stand here, witnessing the tragic demise of childhood love - the game of CRICKET, I feel helpless and devastated. I yearn for the honesty with which the game was played, the respect that followed along.

Tears roll down my eyes when I see just one man (SACHIN TENDULKAR) on the field playing the game of cricket with truth and sincerity while the rest gauging the deteriorated ethics of this Gentleman’s Game.


  1. Well the value of cricket for cricketers is still the same. In past there were more cases of match fixing and all but now players are getting paid so much that they don't have to look out for options. So I guess the spirit is still the same for them. Its just the quantity of cricket that is affecting the game. More number of matches are being played now and makes it obvious to loose some interest - as a part of human behavior. But Yeah Sachin is great. He is improving day by day...

  2. well i dnt seem to agree with you. i feel all this is more mechanized and manipulated these days..we are lacking those emotions and reactions that once emerged and made it more lively...the life and spirit of cricket has gone..with mere 20 over game it has just made it short with time and quality...
    and moreover, its always the quality and not the quantity tat matters until or unless its the food requirement of any country....
    even the pitches are made in such a way that it helps u make a good score..its more of a batsman oriented game, the bowlers have been pushed to take a back seat.
    Moreover, the matchfixing bit, it done on a legal term today. atleast earlier we had some suspense left to watch the game...its all redecided today. no more fun.THE SPIRIT ID DEAD! it still hurt....


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