Uniformity that survives!

Today, when I was driving back home from work, I crossed a college bus. It reminded me of my old days. I got nostalgic. But before diving into my favorite pool of memories I noticed that all the students inside were wearing a similar kind of clothing, a Uniform. And finally I took the plunge. 8 years back, where entering the under-grad school meant stepping into a new phase of life. The euphoria, the zest, the delight, life was all about being avant-garde. New clothings, a free will, a platform to come out of the shell and look around the world. The whole concept was so of gratifying, buying stuff that’s in vogue -- cool accessories, stylo-bags, shoes, hair styles… no more Uniforms, AND no books…
Well! I wasn’t the geek, the studious kinds, just normal, and an above average scorer. So obviously, the first step to college for me meant a sense of liberty and independence. I was free! From adolescent to maturity, the journey had just begun. The enormous amount of anxiety, the conscious effort to be a’ la mode and mark an impression...... these memories make me hum those famous tunes of our times.
Coming back to the present, it came as a shock to see the under-grad students in uniform. How terrible they must have felt in switching over from one uniform (school) to the other (college)? Every institute has a dress code today, as if we do not have a sense of dressing. Even if we don’t have, they wont let us learn it either. The rebel in me (as it always exists) for a moment fought the thought of wearing UNIFORMS and then there was cease-fire. The friction died in the view that when those wearing don’t have a problem why should I become the lame duck! I guess, being a collegiate is not the same as it was.


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